Owner / Admin / Event Host / Helper

"Hi, I'm the owner of SIMPEarth, I hope you enjoy the server! Make sure to contact us if need help."

maxx#0003 (ospl)

Admin / Event Host


GxZ_Boi#7784 (GNerdy123)

Admin / Event Host

"Wassup, I'm Garret. I'm one of the most trusted rule enforcers on the server. Contact me if someone breaks a rule."


Admin / Event Host

"Yo, I'm sleep! I go by Megan. I'm one of the admins on this server and will be around to help out if needed."

TheAlchemist#3673 (leeinaustin)

Admin / Event Host

"Hey, I'm lee! I'm one of the most active admins, and if you have an issue, don't be afraid to message me! I'll handle it."

ChrizxzFTW#2879 (Chrizxz)

Admin / Event Host

"My name is Chriz. My friends call me Chriz though. I draw very good. When you DM me, give me a cookie."

kogatsu#9176 (FunnyJupiter101)

Event Host

"im srnyx friend ok bye"

Alex_Lorde#1380 (Alexander_Lorde)

Event Host

"am event maker e"

Mud#9604 (Mud9604)


"ok what the frick is going on"

Josh (Fyo)


"hello am josh"

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